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on your way to destination


Schedule on the Go

As well as you can schedule any vehicle breakdown by a  recovery truck at your door step through Abdullah. 

An update of GPS

Although this company with all updates of your location. Certainly we can reach to you in minutes.

Take notes and reminders

 Moreover book any recovery at your convenient time with us. Too can keep a note and reminders with us for any special need. 

Take control over messages

Also we send all updates to your numbers and email.In addition for all details of your booking we can provide you as soon as possible.

Our vehicles

car recovery

Abdullah  recovery company  has a full size large truck. This truck has indeed capacity to carry all size cars and even small trucks.  And also this became mainly getting higher vehicles and other industrial vehicles Our  Services Are The Best And Fastest In UAE.

flat bed towing truck

Similarly the flat bed tow truck has all worthy carrier. Truck is fully capable to carry all sizes cars. However the specialty of this is to carry more and low height cars.   

Flat bed recovery truck


Indeed  company does not forget to provide special requirements. equally we have covered trucks for special gifts and delivery. Recovery covers all need.

Full covered Recovery truck

Recovery Ajman Service is now a famous corporation for most of the customers. We are the agency that deals in the automobile towing for emergencies and car delivery. Indeed first-rate a part of our provider is to offer a short and secure hand. Yet in most instances for vehicle customers do hesitate. But they astonish after each service and in particular for the charges and fees. Those Car Recovery Services provide more than one tow truck offerings such as below.

In many cases you will find yourself in difficulty. So on road you can take advantage of calling us. Our deal in all road recoveries. Feel free to call us 24 / 7 at +97155 982 3999.

Our clients

Car brand logo of all company

About us

Car  retake Abdullah is a registered company in Dubai. We are certainly a quick service providers for road assistance and car recovery needs. Feel free to call us 24 / 7 at 0503876888


Additionally mission is to offer complete all needs of recapture services.